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Taxes are one of the things we all look forward to ever year, right?

Well, maybe not for you— but for us, we love taxes and learning what is

new each year so that we can offer our clients the best possible tax advice.


For us, income tax preparation in Vancouver, WA doesn't begin in April.

It actually begins 12–15 months before you are ready to file your return.

Consulting with your DMP Management accountant will let you know the

tax consequences or benefits of your personal or business strategies.

An ongoing year-round relationship with your tax accountant will help

prevent setbacks and reduce your tax liability through careful tax planning. 

Tax time can be time-consuming and stressful. An error can bring the

wrath of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) upon you. So why go it alone?

DMP Management offers:



Tax Preparer Requirements:

While there are no strict educational requirements to become a

tax preparer, one must typically hold a high school diploma

or its equivalent. Here at DMP Management, our standard is to

have experienced tax preparers that must take continuing

education courses each year to qualify them for their position.


There are IRS education requirements for Enrolled Agents (EA) and

Certified Public Accountants (CPA). All DMP Management EA's and CPA's

are required to meet the rigorous standards of the IRS as well as the state of Washington in order to be considered a Tax Professional at DMP Management.


At DMP Management we've been performing tax preparation

in Washington state for five years and we'll ensure that your taxes

are complete, timely and error free.

Contact DMP Management, your first choice for tax preparation

in Vancouver, at (360) 213-1040, view our starter prices here,

or click the link below to schedule a meeting.

  • Federal, State & Local Taxes

    • ​Individual
    • Business
    • Corporate
    • Partnership
  • Amended Tax Returns
  • IRS Tax Representation
  • IRS Letters
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Law Updates
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