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The foundation of any great business is solid day-to-day bookkeeping

coupled with a monthly accounting and tax plan. These are at the

core of  all DMP Management services, and what can help propel

any business onward and upward.

We take pride in our bookkeeping process which uses an integrated

online platform to promote transparency and automation to your books.

This allows for less time and energy to be focused on human data entry

and more time for growing your business.

Monthly accounting is an additional layer to DMP Management's

day-to-day bookkeeping service. We want to make sure that you can

have the most straightforward look into your financials, in real-time. 

We make sure to close books quickly so that recommendations

and decisions can be made on the most current financial information.

Our Bookkeepers:

  • Are flexible and able to adjust to unexpected circumstances

  • Communicate clearly and follow up with requests quickly

  • Keep up-to-date financial records

  • Track all cash flows, billing, and lines of credit that affect your business

By using the data from day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly

accounting, we can help develop a tax plan on a month-by-month

basis that could save thousands of dollars during tax season.

As your first line of financial defense, you want the best

bookkeeping team in Antioch, CA. Don't wait any longer— whether

you're just getting started or have years of records to organize and analyze,

contact DMP Management at (209) 451-9362, or click the link below

to schedule a meeting about all your bookkeeping needs.

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